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Too a new city, a new state, a new beginning once more. I can't seem to find my content Ora in any place that I move to. Even now while residing in Tennessee I seem to, more or less, feel apathetic with my decisions. I feel as if I have a quest and in order to complete this game of life I need to seek out the fortunes of happiness determined that it exists within the big picture. From my experience, I am capable of finding happiness within the little things; that fresh cut grass smell, one glass of wine after a long day, the smiles of people close to me. Unfortunately, I am unable to find glee within the idea of life, so I am on a hunt. Starting with the simplicity of everything and searching for a place called home. Somewhere I could wake up and feel like I have no need to travel elsewhere because I am comfortable. That home where you can walk out onto your porch and receive a feeling of being purely alive. I'm soon realizing that Tennessee is definitely not that place that I had in mind.


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