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Gates of Hell

My life at this moment is more than grand but that isn't stopping my mind from creating black holes. I've been meaning to write this down but I haven't figured out a way to word it exactly.
I, Brianna Marie Canter, am a emotional wreck. I have not come to a conclusion on whether I am the way I am because I am a female or if it's a factor of being a 'sociopath' or even if I have a slight personality disorder.
I hate children. Have I failed to mention this? Well, why not talk about it now? I see the looks upon the people who surround me when they think, talk, or associate themselves around kids. It's always happiness and I always ask why. Why do infants create this huge optimism for people. Children are the spawns of evil. They cry, wine, complain, yell, and everything negative. They cost you money that you shouldnt have to spend and YES I was a child once. My birth parents were dumb enough to have unprotected sex and create a spawn like me. I was probably better off unborn. If I could I would go back in time and slap the fuckin' shit out of my mother and proudly rip her overies out of her fuckin' whore of a body so she couldn't create the three evil heathens that she did. Oh, and that's another thing, most of the children that are created are done only because men and woman don't know how to use the proper tools within preventing an unwanted birth. Instead you just have a bunch of bastard babies running around in this damn place. You never hear, " My mother and father planned my birth because they were ready for a child." No, because it pretty much doesn't exist and for you to want and plan a birth, you have to be fuckin' stupid. If I had the right power and army I would create a successful mass genocide on children and wipe them off the face of this fucking planet. In my opinion, if anyone deserved to die, (which we all do) it would be kids first because they've barely had a chance to see life so they wont be missing out on much. All they know in their PEWNIE little brains is that flowers are pretty and Oooo that's shiney. They are worthless. We have enough beings on earth right now, it wouldnt hurt to get rid of some of this disease fluttering the crust of hell.



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