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Fresh as a Dead Fetus


My confusion still stands on why my mother chose to set foot there and yet I followed aimlessly for no actual reason a year after. I will not lie, it is a more than a pleasant area of choice but the people who reside here are quite the people in more of a negative way. Everyone here seems to have problems. Happiness doesn't exist here. In order to recieve the positive energy you are searching for, you have to 'escape' from reality and leave for 'vacation'. Yes, everyone likes to go off and just find a place to relax but to rely on something like that will cause your life to be misfortunate and you will experience the inability to be optimistic about the home you were supposed to create happiness within and yet every single being in the god forsaken city seems to be so upset with their lives. It's frustrating but it's something that wont be much of a bother seeming I will not fall into the slump of these people. I will smile on and find my happiness in the home that I live.



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